I have been staying with friends in Crested Butte, Co this week for beautiful spring skiing conditions.  This morning I was racing out the door with hardly a minute to spend with the friends who take me in, gypsy as I am, year after year, support me without question, with unfailing kindness, and generosity of love and space.  What is my hurry?!
Mat down, coffee on, breakfast on the deck.
Everything we do is an offering and a practice.  Making food that will nourish us with color and flavor, prepared with mantra and love, mixed with friendship and sunshine, feeds our bodies and our souls as well as anything I can throw down in a studio.  TraveIling in a processed world, I find it hard to find the food that I find most nourishing.  Asking the body, for maximum performance means feeding it with dedication…whole grains, endless greens, good oils, help the body and mind perform in unison with longevity.  Preparing food for myself and friends is an important part of my yoga and training.


starfish love

I once fell in love with a starfish, wading through the tidal pools of Southest Alaska.  When you first pick a starfish up, they are solid, stiff, much like my own body feels sometimes when challenged by a posture or situation.  But, if you wait, and breathe, the starfish will start to melt in your hands.  Its texture changes entirely.  It becomes soft and supple.  Its arms lift from the tips like fingers, and its little suction cups begin to wiggle and explore.  This is the moment I visualize when practicing yoga to gain suppleness in my body through patience and breathe.  This is the magic moment I fell in love.
Being the first to ski down a big slope of powder can have this dreamlike effortless quality.  The strength of body, muscle and bone, support, while nothing is in resistance.  Nothing is more in the moment.  Once you drop in, all your all your strength and balance is called upon, but since you have been practicing and training, your body does this without force, it simply knows, and you become an instrument, of breathe and flow.